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 Katja Rael 

​Leads & Conversions Specialist
Business Accelerator Consultant

Need qualified leads? Looking to scale your business? Our services are specifically catered to the needs and goals of your business. We focus on the problems you have and the anticipated results we can deliver. 

All of our innovative business & marketing services are designed for your business to grow. Whether you're looking to implement our decades of tested business growth hacking strategies, highly converting marketing funnels, video, cutting edge chatbots, frontline social media and lead generation initiatives, Astute Marketing & Consulting has the perfect solution for your company. 

With over 20+ years serving legal and medical industries, we love catering to our local South Florida B2C and B2B companies. Let's meet or get on Skype call and chat and see how you can turn your website into your business's #1 asset and how you can generate qualified leads and clients with predictability month after month.

Your Website Is Your Greatest Marketing Asset. These Are Features You Won’t Want to Live Without.

Built for Leads & Conversions

Our websites and marketing funnel designs are branded and carefully crafted for the best possible conversions, by people with years of experience in engaging, converting and selling to audiences online. Through a fragmentation funnels we filter out 'tire kickers', filling your calendar now with warm leads so your sales team can just hop on the calls to close them. Say goodbye to under-performing ​marketing funnels. Also, with the latest cutting-edge technologies you will also have the ability to turn every visitor to a lead. No more wasted traffic and visitors.

Fast & Mobile Responsive 

Our cutting edge mobile responsive websites are optimized for Google and other search engines and look amazing on any screen size. They are built to be responsive not only in design, but also in functionality, so that your visitors always have the best possible experience on your site, no matter what device they are on. Few things are as important to the success of a website as the page loading times. With this in mind, our designs are created to be as light and nimble as possible, all without you having to compromise in quality or flexibility.

Conversational Interface (CI)

On a typical landing page, users receive all the information at once and should find what they are mostly interested all by themselves. They can get quickly confused and overwhelmed by multiple inputs and Call-to-Actions (CTA's). By using a simple and in crescendo storytelling flow where information is provided progressively under user´s request, has shown to ​work phenomenal. It has a clear call to action to avoid unnecessary distraction. In this way we could maintain user attention, provide most interesting information and get better user engagement.

We Design & Develop Winning Digital Advertising Strategies For YouWith Automated Marketing Funnels You Can Now Close More Sales On First Contact.

Expert Digital Marketing & Consulting Services
  • How the heck can I scale my business?”
  • “Do we  really have what it takes in place to grow?”
  • “I’m so burned out with marketing”
  • “How can we generate more leads & stop relying on referrals?”
  • “How can we find time to do to work on the business and not in the business?”
  • “What systems do I need in place?”
  • Done-For-You Social Media Advertising
    ​Video ​Creation & Social Media Advertising

    We have the skills to create stellar videos & the experience to build systems that put those videos to work, bringing in consistent and qualified leads. Contact us today to create your custom, video-fueled engine​ and generate consistent and well-informed leads for your business.

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