Attract Buyers to Landing Pages

Draw Buyers to Landing Pages According to MarketingSherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a home page rather than a specific landing page.

That’s the result of marketers setting their links up this way, and it’s a huge missed opportunity. The people who click in are probably not interested in your company per se; they’re much more likely to be looking for ways to accomplish a goal or solve a problem.

Help them discover how they can get what they want (with your products or services). Think of your home page as a store entrance. It’s a visual menu of content, which highlights key areas that might interest people most.

It’s a starting point. In the context of search, online ads, or email, the last thing you want to do when someone raises their hand to indicate a specific interest is to direct them to the front door. You want to take them inside, as quickly as possible, and show them the exact shelf and product they need.

Use landing pages to direct them to the exact piece of content that will solve their problem, meet their need, or answer their question. But – how can you make sure that the landing pages to which you’re directing traffic are optimized for converting leads?

You test your landing pages. A/B testing is the preferred method for testing which elements perform the best for landing pages (and emails, too).

You can test layout, headlines, calls to action, buttons, forms, and more. Isolate each variable and test one thing at a time. A/B testing will incrementally improve your results so that you get the maximum conversion rate on your page.

Make contacting your company easy and obvious. Include a phone number; it indicates accessibility and fosters trust.

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