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How to Be Found In SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Be Found And Be Known.

Visibility is needed to succeed in Google. When a potential buyer looking for your product or service does a search, you want your most relevant web page show up on the search engine results page (SERP).

You need to be on the first page. Only 5% of searchers go on to the second page. And if your SEO strategy is done right you will get to be the first listing on the first page, which typically gets about 33% of the total clicks on the page.

Website Content

There are several factors that play a role on how to get positioned on first page. Having great content that fulfills the searcher’s intent and expectations. Content that is valuable to the end user. Content that is fresh and updated weekly.

Optimization (SEO)

Your entire site needs to be mobile responsive. Every page of your site needs to be optimized for the engines, not just your homepage.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated and there’s much more to it than title tags and description, such as link profiles and schema. Well-chosen keywords used in natural language patterns, bolstered by synonyms and rich semantic context, are important.

Utilizing relevant headings that help guide the reader through the text, and images with alt-text tags needs to be well thought. Your metadata (page title, description, and so on) needs to be the right length and say the right things.

All these factors along many more can help you compete in the SERP rankings. If this sounds too much to learn, keeping a professional on staff, or consulting experienced SEO expert or a consultant, will potentially get you positioned on first page in SERP.


As you can tell the “fine art of being found” has many factors. Our team of professionals know the ins and outs on how to be found. Contact one of our friendly experts now