Reach Buyers With Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

“…in a real lead generation website, every page has a distinct purpose.”
JIM STENGEL, Former Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble

“Content marketing” isn’t a trend. The term is new, but the practice is old.  The basic premise of using content to win and keep customers has not changed.

Quality content makes your website more powerful. Whether people find you by searching specifically for your brand or searching more generally for a solution to a problem, the content on your website determines much of how they perceive your company and your product or service. In the best case, it also encourages their engagement and interaction with you.

The Winning Formula: Combining SEO and Content Marketing

If you want to boost your web presence and achieve online success, combining your SEO and content marketing strategies is a must.

Simply producing whatever type of content and performing fragmented SEO tactics won’t work. Companies of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises – need a cohesive approach to rise above a sea of online noise.

Yet, there is often a disconnect at companies when it comes to these two disciplines. Some SEO and content programs are in conflict when, in fact, they should work together.

We find the solutions to this challenge at Astute Marketing and Consulting. We align SEO and content teams to ensure maximum impact.

Search Engine Optimization Services: SEO Pricing

The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included.  At Astute Marketing and Consulting, we are 100% transparent about our costs and what is included in our SEO services.

When you partner with us, you get:

  • The unmatched expertise of a team of Internet marketers specialized organic search engine optimization
  • Access to industry-leading optimization processes, proprietary SEO products, and competitive SEO pricing
  • A results-driven SEO campaign backed by our proven track record of success

To learn more, contact us here or give us a call now (239) 284-2340

Local SEO Services

Proper local search optimization is one of the absolute best ways to increase the visibility of your business, gain more customs or clients, and increase your revenue. Find out what it takes to rank #1 locally – pricing for our local SEO services starts at $300/month and is 100% transparent – you always know exactly where your money goes.

Do you want to enhance your local search engine presence and achieve top rankings in Google? We are a local SEO company with proven results and expertise in optimizing your site for the most saturated search experience possible. Consider local SEO if:

  • Google Maps listings dominate the first page when you search for your most important keywords
  • Your business strictly sells locally
  • Your competitors dominate the local Google listings for your targeted keywords
Locations optimized 1 to 2 3 to 4 5 to 8 9
Local keyword research for 5 services or products
Active location data management on 50+ local business websites
Google My Business – setup/optimization
Google My Business – photo/multimedia additions (content provided by client)
Google My Business – categories setup
Google My Business – address matching
Citation tracking system
Bing Local – Local optimization
Apple Maps – Local optimization
Glassdoor – Local Optimization
Yelp – Local Optimization
CitySearch – Local Optimization
Facebook – Business page setup or review (basic)
Facebook checkins – Verification/setup of location
On-page SEO work for website
Address added to current website page[s] (if applicable)
Website copywriting with locally-optimized terms 1 page per quarter 2 pages per quarter 3 pages per quarter 3 pages per quarter
Titles and meta descriptions (for 5 keywords)
hCard microformat / schema HTML tags added to address on website

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