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Website as a Lead Generation Machine

People perform more than 100 billion Internet searches each month. Over 82% of all product research begins with a web search.

Today’s buyer is virtually independent and has access to unlimited information. They have the power to find and discover products and services at their own pace, and direct their own paths to purchase. Often times this is mostly done online.

This means that your website has become your single most important marketing asset.

It’s a great opportunity for you to understand what customers are looking for online through search, and tune your website to gather the buyer intelligence that lays the groundwork for engagement.

Importance of capturing leads from your website

The better you know your buyer, the better you can shape your site to serve up targeted messages and tailored offers that will invite anonymous website visitors to become known prospects: In other words, you can leverage your website to generate leads.

In the past, the average corporate website functioned rather like a cross between a billboard and a catalog. It informed customers about a brand, showcased products or services, and met corporate objectives. These initiatives are now tied to a larger picture: an overall brand experience that has to fulfill the needs of different types of buyers at varying stages in the buying journey.

Visitors come to your website to engage and interact with you.

Regardless of how you reach out to potential buyers, the truly interested will come to your website to identify themselves and interact with you and your content.

This engagement delivers essential actionable intelligence that you can use to tailor how you market to different segments of prospects. You don’t want to miss out because your website isn’t set up to capture and respond to that information.

It’s time to put your website to work and start attracting potential buyers.  Contact us now and let’s turn your website to a lead spitting machine.

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